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I will no longer endure this in silence!

"A man can always manage on his own!" This sentence is not only out of date, it is also fundamentally dangerous, as it prevents men from taking borderline violations seriously, talking about them and seeking or accepting help from others. Just how important this is is shown, for example, by the results of a new dark field study in which two out of three men who were affected by psychological or physical violence reported considerable emotional consequences as a result of the assaults. Our appeal is therefore unequivocal: talk about the violence you have experienced! Don't stay alone with it!

Every conversation on the helpline is always open-ended and focused entirely on YOUR individual situation, your wishes, needs and perhaps also questions. This means that we first listen to you and try to understand your personal concerns. This in itself is sometimes a joint process, as many experiences of violence initially leave those affected so shaken and at a loss that it is sometimes not so easy to formulate a specific concern or even a question. Often, the first step is to talk about what is weighing so heavily on your mind.

In the further course of the conversation, the focus is then usually on thinking together about what the next steps could be to free yourself from the acute violent situation or to deal with the consequences of past experiences of violence in a helpful way. AND how, where and by whom you can receive the best possible support. Because once again: even a man doesn't have to walk every path alone - and certainly not this one! In this context, we usually look together at what resources are available in your personal environment and whether professional help might also be conceivable and available for you.

Of course, it's also perfectly OK if you don't feel you need a longer conversation about what you've experienced, but simply want some specific information and answers to your questions or a professional assessment of a situation. So whatever is on your mind in connection with the violence you have experienced: We are happy to be your point of contact.

Violence has many faces

We at the violence against men helpline have a broad definition of violence: it is not important to us to what extent what you have suffered is criminally relevant or not. What matters is that you are suffering from the violation of boundaries that you have experienced and therefore need support. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you have experienced any form of boundary violation that does not allow you to rest - regardless of what happened and when it happened! Advice and support is available for the following forms of violence:

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Here you can download the flyer of the Violence against Men Helpline (with the most important information on consultation hours, access to online counseling, etc.). Further materials for public relations work (shareables, logo, poster) as well as the report of the scientific monitoring and evaluation can be downloaded on the page "I would like to know more".

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